X-BOR® wood has been pressure-impregnated with a borate (SBX) preservative which makes the wood resistant to attack by insects and fungal decay. It should only be used for interior and/or weather-shielded applications because the preservative will leach from the wood when exposed to water. Specify X-BOR® wood for areas that are not subject to direct contact with water. It is an ideal building material where borate leaching is unlikely except during the initial period of construction.

X-BOR® wood protects against:

TERMITES — Many homeowners have found that, against some termites, standard soil treatment alone is an inadequate defense.

ROT & DECAY — The fungi that cause wood rot exist throughout the US. X-BOR® wood provides protection for the home’s sill plate and other interior uses.

COCKROACHES & OTHER PESTS — A laboratory study reported in the Forest Products Journal found only one of 60 cockroaches alive after 28 weeks exposure to borate-treated wood. In control enclosures with untreated wood, the cockroach population increased from 60 to 201. The authors conclude “The results suggested that borate pressure-treated lumber may provide control of cockroaches in the immediate vicinity.”

The chemical, borate (SBX), used to make X-BOR® wood is listed in the AWPA Book of Standards for all Use Category 1 and Use Category 2 (UC1 and UC2) applications - where the treated wood is used above-ground and protected from weather, but may be subject to sources of moisture. Typical applications include interior construction, such as sill plate, framing and sheathing.

Borate treated wood should be protected from moisture even during storage. Keep the protective wrap on the unit during storage or store inside.


X-BOR® is environmentally friendly. Borates are naturally occurring minerals that exist in trace amounts in rock, soil, water and all living things. Consequently, they have marginal environmental impact. Borates are also essential for plants, nutritionally important for people and are key ingredients in fiberglass, glass, ceramics, detergents and fertilizers.

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