A Beautiful Elite Deck...

Is a great way to enhance your life and your property value. Not only will you enjoy the natural wood beauty and peace of mind that comes with Elite Decking’s lifetime warranty, you’ll feel great about the cost savings.

Most pressure treated decking is a hemlock fir mix which can be susceptible to twists and cupping. Elite Decking® has transformed pressure treated wood by combining an advanced pressure treatment process to Douglas Fir, an extremely resistant, durable wood with a lifespan of more than 20 years. To add even greater peace of mind, Elite Decking® is guaranteed for a lifetime against fungal decay and termites.*



Each piece of Elite Decking® is hand selected for premium quality, stained a warm earthtone color and then treated with Wolmanized®
CA-C, an environmentally safe substance that provides protection against rot, decay and termite damage. You can have peace of mind knowing that Elite Decking® is completely safe and recommended for use around people, plants and animals.

Why choose Elite Decking?

Economical (approximately 35% less than composite, 20% less than cedar)

Hand selected for premium appearance Natural wood beauty.

It’s guaranteed for a lifetime against fungal decay and termites*

Most durable species available in the Pacific Northwest, Douglas Fir

Will last more than 20 years (Western Wood Products Association)

Treated to last 10 x longer than untreated product (environmentally friendly treatment process)

Completely safe for people, plants and animals

Odorless and clean to the touch

It’s wood. Wood is a renewable resource that requires less energy to produce than alternatives.

Railing also available

Simple Installation & Care

1/8” spacing between 2x4 and/or 2x6 boards.

Decking boards should be attached with two screws through the face at each joist intersection. We recommend 3” screws.

Apply end cut solution on all cut ends.

To acclimate decking surface, seal with a high quality clear sealer immediately after installation.

For long term deck care, keep sealed with a high quality deck stain.

Relax and enjoy!


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Typical Treated Wood







Douglas Fir

Hemlock/Fir Mix

Western Red Cedar

WWPA Estimated Lifespan

Most Resistant
>20 Years

Moderately Resistant
>20 Years

Most Resistant
>20 Years


Graded 2X for
premium appearance

Graded once for

Not graded for


Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime

No Warranty

Protected Against Fungal Decay/Rot




*WWPA = Western Wood Products Association

*Lifetime limited warranty: When used in a residential application your Elite Decking® is warranted against any damage by termites or fungal decay that would make the lumber structurally unfit for the application for which it was intended. The warranty is good from the date of purchase for as long as you own the property on which your new Elite Decking® was built. Warranty is nontransferable. Warranty is good for replacement material only. Proof of purchase must be provided. Warrantor shall not be liable for any installation or reinstallation cost or for the natural characteristic of some wood to split, check, warp or twist, or for any incidental or consequential damage. End cut solution must be applied to all field cut ends.

A visual inspection is required by a representative of Exterior Wood Inc. Any and all boards deemed defective shall be exchanged free of charge.

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