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Exotic, Exquisite, Simply Striking

Build with TigerWood, and you may come away with one of the most spectacular decks you will ever see. The raw honey-oak color of this special hardwood quickly transforms in the sunlight to a rich reddish orange, laced with dark veins resembling the stripes of a tiger—and giving this wood its name.

A very heavy material, TigerWood possesses high shock resistance and low retractability. With its fine, straight grain, the risk of distortion or checking is minimal, making it ideally suited for swimming pool or hot tub surrounds. As for beauty? This is one choice that could easily make you the envy of the neighborhood.

We’re proud to add that TigerWood is harvested using the most up to date, environmentally responsible sustained-yield forestry techniques.

Natural Durability

TigerWood is the perfect choice for outdoor living areas. Like other Brazilian hardwoods, it’s equipped with natural defenses against rot, fungi, and termites. Thanks to its natural oil resins, it’s virtually impermeable, resisting even pressure-treatment. Of course, TigerWood is so thoroughly durable that it doesn’t need it.

Easy Maintenance

TigerWood should be equipped with a wood-stabilizing agent before it’s exposed to sunlight. Simply store any untreated pieces under a tarp, and apply the sunscreen during or after installation. We suggest using two coats of a high quality finish. For best results, reapply it annually, or as needed—and that’s all there is to it!


Installation Instructions

Handling and Cutting
  Surfaced on 4 sides (S4S) and eased on 4 edges (E4E), TigerWood is ready for easy installation.
  Keep the product out of direct sunlight before installation and finishing.
  Ensure that there is proper ground-side ventilation before constructing your deck.
  Although TigerWood can be cut and machined with standard woodworking tools, for best results or large jobs, we recommend using a carbide-tipped blade.

Finishing and Maintenance
  Apply a high quality finish during installation, or immediately afterwards. We recommend Wolman Exotic Hardwood Treatment. If you plan to install your deck in stages, seal each section as you complete it.
  To maintain TigerWood’s natural beauty year after year, clean and reseal it annually.

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  Stainless steel screws are recommended but not required. Screw length should be a minimum of 1 1/2” longer than thickness of the board.
  Pre-drill fastener pilot holes close to the actual screw diameter (decking board only).
  A minimum of 1/8” spacing required between decking boards.
  Decking boards should be attached with 2 screws at each joist (face screw only).

End Sealing
  After crosscutting, the exposed ends should be sealed with a clear paraffin, wax-based end-sealant.


Mechanical Properties

First and third sets of data based on the 2 in. Standard, the second on the 1 in. Standard.

Moisture Content

Bending Strength

Modulus of Elasticity
(1,000 psi)

Maximum Crushing

Green (74)

12,140 psi

1,940 psi

6,580 psi


16,620 psi

2,230 psi

10,320 psi

Green (30)

17,170 psi

2,000 psi

8,930 psi


19,670 psi

11,100 psi

Janka side hardness is 1,910 lb.s for green material, and 2,160 lb.s for dry. The Forest Products Laboratory toughness average for green and dry material from Honduras and Venezuela is 139”-lb (for a 5/8” specimen).

Dry and Shrinkage
Moderately difficult to season. Some crook and bow accompanied by a slight tendency to twist, slight checking. Air-dries at a fast to moderate rate. A kiln schedule similar to T3-C2 has been suggested. Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 4.0%; tangential 7.6%; volumetric 10.0%; slightly higher for Brazilian material.

Working Properties
The wood is not difficult to work with, though some have found it difficult to glue. Despite its high density, it finishes very smoothly and takes a high polish.

Laboratory tests indicate the heartwood to be very resistant to both white-rot and brown-rot organisms. These results substantiate its high durability. It also weathers well and is highly resistant to moisture absorption.

Using either hot and cold bath or pressure-vacuum systems, the sapwood absorbs only 2 to 4 pcf of preserving oils. The heartwood absorbs 1/2 of this amount.

This species is among the most outstanding, heavy, durable construction timbers. It is also highly favored as a fine furniture and cabinet wood, and is sometimes cut for decorative veneers. It can also be used for specialty items such as knife handles, brush backs, archery bows, and billiard cue butts, as well as for turnery and carving.

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About TigerWood Decking

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Botanical Information

Other Common Names:

Palo de cera, Palo de culebra (Mexico), Gusanero (Colombia), Gateado (Venezuela), Guaritá (Brazil), Guasango (Ecuador).

Goncalo Alves is a common tree in the upland forest of many regions, from Mexico and Central America to Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Ecuador.

The Tree
The tree attains diameters of 24 to 40 inches or more, with a maximum height of 120 ft. Except for narrow buttress roots 4 to 6 ft. tall, it has a clear cylindrical trunk for 2/3 or more of its height. The logs are typically sound throughout.

General Characteristics
When fresh, the heartwood is russet brown, orange-brown, reddish brown, or red, with irregular, narrow to wide stripes colored medium to very dark brown. After exposure, it becomes brown, red, or dark reddish brown with nearly black stripes. The dingy grayish or brownish-white sapwood, 2 to 4 inches wide, is sharply demarcated. The wood often possesses a striking figure caused by irregular dark horizontal bands. The grain is straight to roey; the texture, uniform and fine to medium. It has no distinctive odor or taste.

Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) averages 0.84 for timber from Honduras and Venezuela; material from Brazil and Colombia averages 0.75. Average air-dry density is about 60 pcf from these four sources.


Hardwood Decking Warranty

Exterior Wood Inc. “Warrantor” warrants that It’s TigerWood hardwood decking will be free of any and all manufacturing defects and warranted for a period of one year from date of purchase against excessive movement when product is installed according to installation guidelines.

A visual inspection is required by a representative of Exterior Wood Inc. Any and all boards deemed defective shall be replaced free of charge. Warrantor shall not be liable for any installation or reinstallation cost or the natural characteristic of some wood to split, warp, cup or twist, or for any incidental or consequential damages.
Warranty applies only to original owner. Proof of purchase must be submitted upon request.

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