Stain & Finish Remover
Ready to Use

Removes weathered pigmented stains from exterior wood; cleans and prepares before re-coating.
Strips all standard deck stain types:
   - Oil-base, water-base, alkyd/acrylic blends, latex.
   - Solids, semi-solids, semi-transparents, toners.
   - Highly concentrated, with wetting agent and thickener for maximum stripping
Cleans and brightens without bleaching.
Works in 15 minutes!
100% Biodegradable.

Recommended Uses:

Wood Types:
Pressure-treated lumber
Pine, cypress, fir, hemfir
Cedar and redwood
Exotic and domestic hardwoods

Decks, porches, docks
Fencing, siding, roofing
Sheds, gazebos, arbors
Outdoor furniture, play sets, and more!


Ready to Use



1.32 Gallons (5 liter)

Recommended Uses:
   Wood Type:


P-T Lumber, Pine, Cypress, Fir, Hemfir, Cedar, Redwood, Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods.

   Wood Condition:


Previously Coated, New or Weathered Wood:  Solid, semi-solid or semi-transparent stain, transparent finish/toner/sealer/waterproofer. (For 100% Acrylic stains, use DeckStrip ASR).



No mixing necessary. Pre-wet, then cover surrounding grass and plants. Cover all surfaces not intended to be stripped.

Application Method:


Pump sprayer (no aluminum parts), synthetic bristle brush, mop or roller

No. of Coats:


One (1) coat. Stubborn spots or multiple layers may need a 2nd application

Dwell Time:


15 minutes; keep wet with additional stripper as needed.

Best Practice Tips:


If hot or dry conditions, keep surface wet with product during dwell time. Do not allow to dry out. Work on 5-10 boards at a time (20 sq. ft.).

Approx. Coverage:


200 sq. ft. per 5 liter container; 150 sq. ft. per gallon.

Clean Up:


Soap and water.



Closed, original container.



Universal — removes all types of deck and siding stains. Powerful — contains highest concentration of active ingredient allowable. Fast — works in 15 minutes or less. Safe — no methylene chloride or caustics.

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