Acrylic Stain Remover
Ready to Use

Removes 100% acrylic stains from exterior wood decks and siding; cleans and prepares underlying surface before re-coating.
• Strips tough-to-remove acrylic stain types:
   - Solids and semi-solids
   - 100% acrylic, acrylic/alkyd blends, water-based latex
• Easier to use than paint strippers:
   - Spray on, rinse off.
   - No scraping or sanding.
• Includes wetting agent and thickener.
• Works in 15 minutes!
• 100% Biodegradable.

Recommended Uses:

Wood Types:
• Pressure-treated lumber
• Pine, cypress, fir, hemfir
• Cedar and redwood
• Exotic and domestic hardwoods
• Wood/plastic composites

• Decks, porches, docks
• Fencing, siding, roofing
• Sheds, gazebos, arbors
• Outdoor furniture, play sets, and more!


Ready to Use



1 Gallon
3 lb. Jar (makes 7.5 gals. Solution)

Recommended Uses:
   Wood Type:


P-T Lumber, Pine, Cypress, Fir, Hemfir, Cedar, Redwood, Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods, wood/plastic Composites

   Wood Condition:


Previously Coated, New or Weathered Wood: Solid or semi-solid stains.



No mixing necessary. Pre-wet, then cover surrounding grass and plants. Cover all surfaces not intended to be stripped.

Application Method:


Pump sprayer (no aluminum parts), synthetic bristle brush, mop or roller

Rinse Method:


For best results, pressure-washer is recommended.

No. of Coats:


One (1) coat. Stubborn spots or multiple layers may need a 2nd application

Dwell Time:


15 minutes; keep wet with additional stripper as needed.

Best Practice Tips:


If hot or dry conditions, keep surface wet with product during dwell time. Do not allow to dry out. Work on 5-10 boards at a time (20 sq. ft.).

Approx. Coverage:


150 sq. ft. per gallon.

Clean Up:


Soap and water.



Closed, original container.



Powerful — strips tough-to-remove 100% acrylic deck and siding stains. Potent — contains highest concentration of active ingredient allowable. Fast — works in 15 minutes or less. Safe – no methylene chloride or caustics. Easy — spray on, pressure-rinse away, no scraping or sanding.

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