Transparent, Rich Oil Finish

F&P ®
Finish and Preservative
Oil Base

Beautify and protect new or weathered wood from rot and decay due to fungi attack, UV graying and water damage.
Transparent, UV-blocking/absorbing pigment in natural wood tones:
   - Resists fading and wood graying.
   - Reveals grain pattern and texture.
EPA Registered Preservative:
   - Protects wood from rot and decay.
   - Prevents mold, mildew and fungi growth.
Tight beading, long-term water repellent.
High solids, deep penetrating oil.

Recommended Uses:

Wood Types:
Pressure-treated lumber
Pine, cypress, fir, hemfir
Cedar and redwood

Decks, porches, docks
Siding and trim, roofing, fencing
Gazebos, arbors, trellises
Outdoor furniture, play sets, and

Resin Type:




Max 350g/l



1-Gallon, 5-Gallon



Natural, Cedar, Redwood, Golden Pine.

Surface Restriction:


Exterior, Above Ground. Do not apply over a painted, stained or sealed surface.

Performance  Guarantee:


Protects against rot and decay, prevents, resists water damage, resists peeling and blistering for 3 yrs.

Recommended Uses:
   Wood Type:


P-T Lumber, Pine, Cypress, Fir, Hemfir, Cedar, Redwood.

   Wood Condition:


Uncoated, New or Weathered Wood: Before coating, prepare wood surface with a Wolman wood cleaner.

Previously Coated Wood:
Remove pigmented finish before applying this product.



Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during application. Intermix multiple gallons together. Do not tint or dilute. Pre-rinse, then cover surrounding surfaces and plant life not intended to be coated.

Application Method:



Natural or synthetic bristle brush, stain pad, HVLP or pump sprayer.

Airless Sprayer – .011 – .015 inch tip; 250-500 psi. Follow with back-brushing.

No. of Coats:


Horizontals: One (1) liberal coat.  Verticals: Two (2) wet-on-wet coats.

Dry Time:


Touch: 2-6 hours;  Walk On: 6-8 hours;  Use: 24 hours.

Approx. Coverage/Gal:


Rough surface: 150–200 sq. ft.  Smooth surface: 200–300 sq. ft.

Clean Up:


Wet: Soap and water.  Dry: Mineral spirits or lacquer thinner.



Closed, original labeled container, away from heat and flame.



Premium oil-base exterior wood stain with a “preservative” for wood protection against surface rot and decay, mold and mildew growth. Contains up to twice the mildewcide of other transparent stains. VOC compliant in all 50 states.

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