Sheer, Wood Colored, Matte Finish

Rain Coat ®
Tinted Water Repellant
Water Base

Protect new or weathered wood from water damage, including splitting and warping. Perfect for “deck in a day” project completion!
Transparent, UV-blocking pigment in natural wood tones:
   - Resists fading and wood graying.
   - Reveals grain pattern and texture.
Tight beading, long-term water repellent.
Mildew-resistant coating film.
Fast-drying, water clean up.
One-coat coverage.

Recommended Uses:

Wood Types:
Pressure-treated lumber
Pine, cypress, fir, hemfir
Cedar and redwood

Decks, porches, docks
Gazebos, arbors, trellises
Outdoor furniture, play sets, and more!

Resin Type:

Water-Base with Modified Oils



Max 100g/l



1-Gallon, 5-Gallon



Natural Cedar, Natural Redwood, Natural Hickory, Driftwood Gray.

Surface Restriction:


Exterior, Above Ground. Do not apply over a painted, stained or sealed surface.

Performance  Guarantee:


Prevents water damage for 3 yrs.

Recommended Uses:
   Wood Type:


P-T Lumber, Pine, Cypress, Fir, Hemfir, Cedar, Redwood, Domestic Hardwoods. Ideal for new or slightly aged wood.

   Wood Condition:


Uncoated, New or Weathered Wood: Before coating, prepare wood surface with a Wolman wood cleaner.

Previously Coated Wood:
Remove pigmented finish before applying this product.



Stir before and occasionally during application. Do not tint or dilute.
Cover surrounding surfaces and plant life not intended to be coated.

Application Method:



Pump sprayer, synthetic bristle brush, roller or stain pad.

Airless sprayer – .011-.021 inch tip; 250–500 psi. Follow with back-brushing

No. of Coats:


One (1) coat. Do not over–apply.

Dry Time:


Touch: 30minutes;  Walk On: 6 hours;  Use: 24 hours.

Approx. Coverage/Gal:


Rough surface: 150-200 sq. ft.   Smooth surface: 300-350 sq. ft.

Clean Up:


Wet: Water.   Dry: Mineral spirits or lacquer thinner.



Closed, original labeled container. Keep from freezing.



Highly effective water repellent and mildew resistant sealer in a fast-drying water-base finish. Color pigment blocks UV damage while revealing original wood grain. VOC compliant in all 50 states.

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