Huge quantities of lumber, a broad range of sizes, a variety of applications…. At Taiga Exterior Wood Distribution, we pride ourselves on keeping all our products in stock. Whatever your need, chances are we’ve got it right here on the ground, just awaiting your word. Open for business from 6 in the morning till 8 at night, we’re there for you throughout the evenings, too. And even when we do hang the “closed” sign, we work around the clock to make sure our trucks are running on time, delivering the lumber you need right to your door.


Every person who works in our Distribution Center is trained to load trucks, pull orders, and operate a forklift. This simple practice lets us get the job done even when we’re at our busiest. Supervisors, dispatchers, forklift drivers, as well as clerks have the skills to lend a hand when others are occupied.


From the kiln-dried products in our dry sheds, to the racks of sorted lumber set aside for customized units, to the row upon row of large, paper-wrapped units in our main yard… at Taiga Exterior Wood Distribution, we have what it takes to serve you. Namely, superior organization, a surpassing selection of products, and—what we take most seriously—an uncompromising devotion to quality.


Filling special orders is just another aspect of superior service. We’re happy to break our units into custom sizes at your request. Maybe it’s an order for a retail yard with a smaller forklift, or perhaps the lumber is headed for a rail car and needs some extra bands. In each case, adjusting our units to meet your needs is simply part of what we do.


Taiga Exterior Wood supplies thirteen western States with high-quality lumber and prompt, regular deliveries. Our own fleet of trucks runs from the Canadian border to Southern Oregon, and from the shores of the Pacific to the mountains of Central Oregon. For longer trips, we contract outside carriers. Our dispatchers work carefully to orchestrate routes, drops, and weight requirements for a truly efficient shipping approach.


At Taiga Exterior Wood, we pride ourselves on maintaining a wide array of products at all times. Throughout the day, our Distribution Center keeps in close touch with the other branches of our operation to make certain that incoming inventory stays tuned to your needs. That’s why you can rely on prompt, effective response time when you place your order with us. You name it, we’ve got it ready for you.




Meanwhile, we’re constantly loading outgoing trucks with large deliveries, to be ready for our drivers when they pull in just after midnight. Every night, our drivers strap down their loads, get their paperwork, weigh in, and hit the road before dawn.
Throughout the day, we also receive orders for small, odd quantities. These orders print on individual tags to be picked up periodically by our “piece pullers,” people assigned to find the pieces requested and prep them for delivery. Other crew members handle the thousand small tasks that accumulate between orders. In fact, our grounds are alive with activity all around the clock: we rarely see a slow moment inside the Distribution Center.