Zuri Decking


Zuri® Premium Decking gives homeowners the look, feel and charm of exotic hardwood with none of its maintenance demands. Which adds up to zero tradeoffs and truly unique exterior design possibilities.

The ability to easily create distinctive inlay design, style and color options add a dramatic visual draw to long runs of diagonal decking. Make an even bigger personal statement by working with a designer to create amazing inlaid detail.

Zuri is the gorgeous result of passionate forward thinking and painstaking execution. Its' proprietary technology saves much more than time spent preserving the beauty of your deck. It saves our dwindling hardwood forests—protecting these natural resources for future generations.


Zuri Premium Decking does more than invite inspection, it necessitates it. Color, texture and minimal grain-pattern repetition capture the unmistakable look of exotic timber. You'll find it all perfectly showcased by Zuri Square Boards and Grooved Boards. Our square boards exhibit classic wood beauty, with no painting, staining or resealing. Our grooved boards owe their sophisticated presence to a simple and aesthetically pleasing hidden-fastener installation.

Zuri® Premium Decking distinguishes itself on every level, from beautiful presence to low-maintenance durability—and Zuri® fascia is the ideal accent. It can be used below the deck or on a stair riser. Plus, it comes in a variety of perfectly complementary colors.

Why ZURI Decking?

  • Zuri's cellular PVC core and acrylic topcoat provides exceptional resistance to UV light and color fade.
  • Each decking shade will retain its just-installed look with minimal color shifting; we back it with our 25-year Color Fastness Warranty.
  • Zuri is engineered to be resistant to scratches, stains, color fading, slips and moisture.


Lasts a lifetime: Zuri has a surface 30% harder than conventional non-wood decking products and a coating thickness (3) three times that of the interior flooring industry standard. Test data proves that Zuri's protective acrylic finish has wear resistance that exceeds that of the interior flooring. Simply stated Zuri® has been engineered to provide and maintain its aesthetics for many years.

All Zuri® product is covered by a Limited 25 year Pro-Rated Warranty